The locus of an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) 2008

[The locus of an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) (UAP) 2008] (Note 1)   Google Map = Observation place
The sky in Yokohama Japan. On September 23, 2008 about 4:00 a.m.

Above figure drew memory on reliance, accuracy, such as the length of the direction of movement of a luminous point, the position, the angle and the number of times of turnaround, and a line segment, is not high. However, the following report is exact and true. And dramatization is never added.

Since a wife says that she goes out in the early morning, it is a thing when taking out a car to a road and waiting.
Although the moon had come out to southeastern empty, since the star also looked good by fine weather, when it was looking up, a luminous point which moves to the low position of west empty slowly was found.
The number of luminous points is one, and since it does not blink but neither red nor a green color is attached, they are not aeroplanes.
When he thought that it was a larger satellite and having been looked, the following marvelous motions were carried out.

Marvelous motion #1:
Since the luminous point was smoothly moved toward "A" points when it discovered, at the time, I thought that it was a satellite. However, the luminous point changed the direction like the ball of billiards by "A" points in an instant, and tended toward "B" points.
Supposing this luminous point is an object with mass, it means that not drawing an arc at all had received infinite acceleration at the moment of turnaround. It should be crushed by excessive acceleration if it is a satellite. "B" points, "C" points, and at least "D" points in a direction were changed similarly in an instant. There is also neither overshoot nor ringing and it bent very finely.
There was a game of applying and striking back a bar a long time ago on the ball which has flown to the free software of PC from the other side. Although it was the simple game of having moved a bar to right and left by a cursor key, and hitting against a ball, it was often playing. A smooth motion of a luminous point and the situation of turnaround are completely the same as a motion of the ball.

Marvelous motion #2:
Next, it disappeared in "E" points. And it appeared in "F" points simultaneously.(Note 2)
It is just teleportation. It disappeared by
"E" points, after passing for a while, it did not appear in "F" points, but it seemed to have moved to "F" points from "E" points in an instant.(Note 2)
It means having received infinite acceleration by
"F" points with "E" points, supposing this luminous point is an object with mass. It should be crushed by excessive acceleration if it is a satellite.
In "G" points to the back, the moon was bright and the luminous point disappeared. I think that it had been about 3 minute since it discovered to west empty.

Details :
a) Objective form is not known. It was visible only with the round luminous point.

b) The luminous point was large more brightly than the polestar. Neither brightness nor magnitude changes. There were also no signs that it winked.

c) The color resembled a filament lamp or sunlight. A color does not change. Reflection of self-luminescence or sunlight is not understood.

d) Velocity sensed high altitude comparable as the satellite of the jet passenger plane which flies, and a low altitude. It is far later than a shooting star.

e) Velocity is extremely stable. While I was observing, it did not change from the beginning to the last.

f) Altitude is quite high. It was sensed by the height like the satellite of a low altitude. It is not the height to which a bird and an insect fly at least. I myself moved to right and left, and checked it.

g) It seemed that altitude did not change. That is, it seemed to move changing a direction in parallel with surface of the earth.

h) Movement of a luminous point is the combination of the straight line from which a direction changes, and does not draw an arc. Each line segment was visible to the perfect straight line.

i) Although it does not know well whether the length of each line segment is the same or different, I think that there was no big difference. The next turnaround was not carried out immediately after changing the course, and it did not go straight on for a long time.

j) In the degree of turnaround, the angles did not differ greatly. That is, variation which says 10 degrees in  "A" points and it says is 80 degrees by "B" points, for example was not sensed.
Moreover, there was no turnaround exceeding 90 degrees used as the returning direction. It is about an average of 30 - 60 degrees.

k) The course was not continuously changed in the same direction. That is, when changing the course into the right, it was the condition which is called left next and the next calls the right. It seems that it does not move about disorderly. Though the direction was changed into right and left, it was going eastward fundamentally.

l) luminous points including the time of turnaround always existed. It seems that it once disappears and did not appear again on one straight line. In
"E" points, once it disappeared here, it did not appear in "F" points, but it seemed to have moved to "F" points from "E" points in an instant.

m) It was always moving and the luminous point did not stop.

n) The number of luminous points was one from beginning to end. It seems that for example, it was not divided into two pieces at the point changing the course. Moreover, other light like injection light could not be seen, for example.

o) Sound was not able to be heard at all. If it is an aeroplane, engine sound can be heard from the back of the sight of an airplane also high altitude.

Denial is difficult although four proposals of the hypothetical following which deny a UFO theory were considered.
Supposing it is an earth people's doing, supposing this UFO is an extraterrestrial's vehicle by which civilization progressed, I will think that the purpose is global reconnaissance, but what is the purpose?
Did someone invest a large amount of expense, and given the UFO fan the dream with the hobby?

Hypothesis 1: Like a planetarium, a possibility that someone is irradiating laser beams etc. from the ground cannot be denied. However, since the star was clearly seen by fine weather, I cannot think that the substance which reflects light exists. Furthermore, the tail of the light irradiated from the ground was not visible.
It is possible to move the motion and instant like the ball of billiards to somewhere else, if laser beams are used, but I think that the most difficult work shows a smooth motion in the height was illuminated and stabilized from the ground.
If it was made to reflect in the clouds in which a reflector has thickness, it did not become a clear luminous point, and this luminous point seemed to be much higher than clouds.
Probably, it will be impossible to arrange homogeneously a substance like the half mirror which reflects the light irradiated from the ground and fully penetrates the light of the star of the other side to all over the sky of the height that moreover a satellite flies.

Hypothesis 2: It assumes like an artificial satellite. And mass discharges leftward the object which does not reflect light greatly, for example by "A" points. Then, the main part of a satellite carries out the sudden change of the direction toward "B" points as a reaction.
This hypothesis is also impossible although it discharges to an opposite direction in "C" points.
Even if it uses not gunpowder but a powerful spring in order not to give off injection light when discharging an object, probably it will be impossible to carry out a motion like the ball of billiards, and a satellite should be crushed by acceleration if a direction is converted so rapidly.

Hypothesis 3: Since mass could be made small even if it will include control equipment, if it is a satellite like a balloon, for example noting that a luminous point is reflection of sunlight, it may be shown as the arc is not drawn with the naked eye.
However, it is impossible to make it move to
"F" points from "E" points in an instant.

Hypothesis 4: As it moved in an instant, in order to show, two light satellites which gave the surface treatment which can control reflection of light like liquid crystal first in an instant are moved at intervals of several 10 Km. And reflective mode and No. 2 set No. 1 as the mode in which it does not reflect, till just before "E" points.
And No. 2 which is in
"F" points then is changed to reflective mode at the same time it changes No. 1 to the mode in which it does not reflect, by "E" points. It may be possible if it is this.
However, I think that it will be disclosed because the balloon in the mode in which it does not reflect interrupts a stellar light if the two sights of an airplane will be caught by the radar and this method has a star to the back also with the naked eye.
Since mind is taken by the luminous point this time, it is not known whether there was any moment the back's star disappeared.

Additional remarks
I am not a UFO maniac and there is not necessarily an interest special to astronomy or a constellation.
Since the luminous point which carries out the motion which is not considered by common sense as mentioned above by chance was seen, I did to reporting the full particulars.

2. Although it is good in the ability of the locus of a luminous point to be photographed in a photograph, since it already becomes 100 times or more to have looked up at empty in this time zone, it is slightly troublesome to carry out a camera and a tripod for 1/100 or less probability.

3. This is the first time that that I can be sure that is UFO was seen.
When the neighborhood in Tokyo Shibuya was run by car in the last evening for about nineteen years, I had seen the luminous point of big orange moved westward, and thought UFO?. However, the luminous point is stabilized, it is progressing westward at fixed velocity, and any, such as a position, a direction, a color, magnitude, and brightness, they are did not change suddenly. I think that this was a satellite since the sight of an airplane must be seen if it was an aeroplane. The color was the same as the setting sun. The report of "having seen UFO" was still published by the newspaper of the next day.

4. Although the possibility of the preceding clause of a satellite is very high, it is doubt in why although the possibility of UFO is high, it is not reported this time. Since the altitude of a luminous point had the height like a satellite, it must have been visible in the wide range area also except Yokohama-city.
Temporarily, when I discover, it began to shine, and even if it disappeared by "G" points which disappeared with the light of the moon, it must have been visible throughout Fujisawa-city, Atsugi-city, Yamato-city, Ayase-city, Sagamihara-city, Kamakura-city, Zushi-city, Yokosuka-city, Kawasaki-city, Tokyo, the south area of Saitama Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture.
Furthermore, since it does not seem to have began to shine when I discover, doesn't the witness come west from Chigasaki-city, Isehara-city, Hiratsuka-city, Odawara-city, and Hakone-town?
I expect what is released on a internet by all means.
Moreover, as shown in the above figure, having passed north slippage a little has a possibility higher than the zenith in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-city of having passed along right above Tokyo.
Therefore, although the radar netting of the Japan Self-Defense Forces should be started, Japan Ministry of Defense will keep all secret and will protect silence. If it is national-defense top necessity, it does not have a method.
Securing the stealth nature to the radar waves of the earth, If it came from the different star where this UFO evolved from the earth, it will be easy to raise the stealth nature to the radar waves of the earth.
Therefore, on the radar which supervises the high altitude of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the sight of an airplane must have been caught rightly.

5. Probably my mental condition is normal. I think that it is not out of order since it can be an active office worker.
Moreover, since the car was firmly driven immediately after seeing, a dream had not been seen from want of sleep, either. Although the eye had muscae volitantes, behavior of the above-mentioned luminous point was visible firmly.

Note 1: In this report, it has dared mix up UFO and Alien Craft, i.e., "an extraterrestrial's (civilization progressed) vehicle."
This luminous point is not the satellite which is not an aeroplane, either. Therefore, I am UFO (unidentified flying object) and think that it is Alien Craft as considering a motion. It will be set to IAC (Identified Alien Craft) if it is checked that it is Alien Craft.
Then, by "UAC", although a title is strictly made "UAC (Unidentified Alien Craft)" instead of "UFO" (an unidentified extraterrestrial's vehicle), since it said that it might be the work of the earth people instead of that many people do not understand somehow, that a luminous point may not be a vehicle, and an extraterrestrial, and it was troublesome, it was referred to as "

Recently, the US Department of Defense has started using the term "
UAP" (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). If this name becomes common, I will consider changing it. The site is below.
        All Area Anomaly Response Office (AARO) website>

Note 2: Since the luminous point was once missed in "E" points of the above figure when saying strictly, slight blank time until it discovers by "F" points exists.

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